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Types Of Door Closers

Nov. 22, 2023

What are door closers? What kinds of door closers are there? What are the types of door closers? Might as well with Fittings For Tempered Glass Manufacturer looks the related information introduction of door closers together.

Definition of door closers

Door closer, is also a kind of hardware building materials, is by metal spring and hydraulic damping combination of a device, is used to install in the upper part of the door, when the door opened, can be released through compression, automatically closed the door, and can ensure the door accurate, timely back to the original position. Normally the service temperature of the door closers is -15 ~ 40℃. The main function of the door closer is not only to make the open door close by itself, but also to protect the door and the door frame, and will not appear the wind and other external factors caused by the violent impact.

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Types of door closers

At present, people can choose the type of door closers is also quite a lot. Door closers, generally speaking, we can be divided into external top door closer, internal top door closer, vertical door closer (i.e. internal vertical door closer), internal middle door closer and bottom door closer (i.e. ground spring), etc, this kind of classification method is mainly according to the installation of door closers parts and the structure of door closers to differentiate. In addition, for the door closers in the decoration materials, we can also be classified according to the different standards of production, can be divided into American standard closers, European standard closers and Chinese standard closers three kinds.

Characteristics of different types of door closers

External door top closers. The main feature of the door clog is that it closes slowly, reducing the noise of collisions. Generally, this kind of door closers will appear in hospitals, office buildings and other occasions.

Door bottom closers (floor springs). The main characteristic of this kind of door closers is that they can not only realize noiseless, smooth and automatic door closing, but also adjust the speed of door closing.

Built-in door top closers. The characteristics of this door closure are not affected by the appearance of the door, because the installation is installed in the door frame and door slot inside, to achieve the effect of invisibility.

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