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Introduction Of Glass Door Clamps

Nov. 22, 2023

The door clamp is an important part of a door. With it, our door will be more complete. But different door clamps are different, like glass doors, because the material is different from other doors, so its door clamps are also different. Next, Fittings For Tempered Glass Manufacturer will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of glass door clamps.

90 Degree Glass Door Hinge


Before installation, check whether the clamp and the glass door match; check whether the height, width, and thickness of the glass door clamp slot and the glass door clamp match. Check whether the glass door clamps compatible with the screws and fasteners connected to it; the clamp connection method should match the glass door; if the two-door plates of the glass door clamp are asymmetric, which page plate should be identified Should be connected to the fan, which sheet should be connected to the glass door, the side connected to the three sections of the shaft should be fixed to the frame, and the side connected to the two sections of the shaft should be fixed to the frame; during installation, the same glass door should be ensured the axis of the clamp is on the same vertical line to prevent the glass door from bouncing.


There are many types of glass door clamp specifications. When you choose glass door clamps, you should pay attention to whether the surface of the clamp is smooth, and whether the edges of the spring leaf have been polished. It's too heavy to rotate. Whether it is a magnificent star-level hotel or a common residential building in modern architecture, it is difficult to see the wooden "door pivot". The doors and windows of modern buildings mostly use metal clamps.

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