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How To Choose a Glass Door Hinge

Nov. 22, 2023

In life, small things that are often inconspicuous play a significant role. In the hardware of glass doors, the hinge also plays such an inconspicuous but important role. A high-quality hinge will make you worry-free in the next few years, and a poor-quality hinge will often cause you headaches. Fittings For Tempered Glass Manufacturer teaches you how to choose glass door hinges.

First, View

From the appearance of the hinge, it is difficult to distinguish between high-quality hinges and poor-quality hinges. The only difference is to observe its thickness. Inferior hinges are generally welded from thin iron sheet, which has almost no resilience. It will lose elasticity after a long time, which will cause the glass door to close tightly and greatly affect its function. The good-looking hinge is formed by one-time stamping of the alloy, which has a thick feel and a smooth appearance. Due to the thick plating layer on the surface, it is not easy to rust, is stable and strong, and has a strong bearing capacity.

Zinc Alloy Glass Door Hinge

Second, pull

The hinges with different strengths and weaknesses have different feels. The hinges with high quality are softer when opening the glass door, and will automatically rebound when closed to 15 degrees, and the rebound force is very uniform. Inferior hinges have a short service life and are easy to fall off. If the door falls, it is mostly caused by the quality of the hinge being too low.

Third, try

If the hinge screw is not good, it will be frequently used, such as sliding the tail screw, which will cause the door to detach from the wall. Usually, you need to determine whether the screw can withstand the test. You can take a screwdriver, try the adjustment screw of the hinge and the fastening screw at the end of the hinge to see if it is easy to slip the teeth. If it is easy, pay attention to it. See if the screw threads are clear. Generally, poor screw workmanship and materials are poor, and the threads are messy.

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