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What Is The Working Principle Of The Door Closer?

Nov. 22, 2023

Here is Shower Door Seal Factory talking about the working principle of door closer.

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Soft Door Closer

Soft Door Closer

The basic components of the hydraulic door closer include support guides, transmission gears, return springs, check valves, rack plungers, throttle spools and housings, end caps, seals, and connecting rods. The housing and the connecting rod act as fixed door closer and connect the door leaf and the door frame.

The working principle of the door closer is: when the door is opened, the door body drives the link to move, and the transmission gear rotates to drive the rack plunger to the right. The spring is compressed during the right shift of the plunger and the hydraulic oil in the right chamber is also pressurized. The one-way valve ball on the left side of the plunger is opened under the action of oil pressure, and the hydraulic oil in the right chamber flows through the one-way valve into the left chamber. When the door opening process is completed, since the spring is compressed during the opening process, the accumulated elastic potential energy is released, pushing the plunger to the left side, and driving the transmission gear and the door closer link to rotate, so that the door is closed.