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The Installation Steps Of Glass Door Handle

Nov. 22, 2023

Here is Toughened Glass Door Handle Supplier talking about the installation steps of glass door handle.

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Generally speaking, the current glass doors are made of tempered glass, which is reliable in hardness, easy to clean, generous in style, transparent and transparent, and does not affect the light. Now many hotels, shopping malls, villas, etc. all use glass doors. . There are two kinds of glass doors, one is transparent, one is impervious, and the transparent one is made of tempered glass, while the frosted glass is impervious or semi-transparent.

Glass Door Handle

Glass Door Handle

The installation steps of Glass Door Handle :

First, put the glass door flat, mark the place where the handle is to be installed in advance, and use the corresponding size of the diamond brick to wash the water with water. At this time, pay attention to protection to avoid glass breakage. If it is not tempered glass, use a 10mm glass drill bit to measure the hole pitch of the handle [center to center, mark on the glass, watering and punching.

Then apply a little glass glue to the part of the handle that is inserted into the glass. When the handle is assembled, the root is tightly attached to the glass, and then the fixing screw is pressed to ensure that the handle is not loose.

When installing the handle later, first open the handle from the outside, and screw the long screw inside the handle. Do not leave the screw of the handle outside, so that the handle can be removed from the outside. The handle connection part should not be too tight when inserted into the hole, and should be slightly loose; if the insertion is too loose, the flexible part can be wrapped in the insertion part.