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Precautions And Maintenance Tips For Installing Hardware Doors And Windows

Nov. 22, 2023

Nowadays, door and window hardware is an indispensable part of our installation of doors and windows. It plays a very important role. No one can do anything. So how much do you know about it? Know how to maintain it in your daily life? What issues should I pay attention to when installing doors and windows? Is it not clear? Below, the Shower Door Seal Supplier will introduce you to the following, I hope to help everyone.

There is fierce market competition in the building door and window industry. One of the important ways to get rid of a single price competition to create a good market environment is to continuously enrich product functions and expand product profit margins through technological advantages. An important part of the door and window function is the hardware. The quality of hardware accessories also affects the life of doors and windows. Good hardware should look thick and the surface gloss should be good. The protective layer is dense and has no scratches. The important point is that opening should be flexible.

With the improvement of life and the development of modern science and technology, building doors and windows have different materials. Today, residential buildings and other construction projects generally have polyvinyl chloride (PVC), aluminum alloy, color steel and other materials, as well as Stainless Steel Glass Spigot. The door and window hardware used in building doors and windows is also different. There are three ways to open and close the doors and windows: push-pull, flat and extended. Door and window hardware should also match. Door and window hardware accessories can be called the heart of doors and windows, doors and windows full of all performances such as wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc., are closely related to hardware accessories. So what should you pay attention to during installation and maintenance?

Stainless Steel Glass Spigot

Stainless Steel Glass Spigot

First, the installation notes

1. Anti-corrosion of door and window hardware is very important. If the hardware is rusted, it will affect the function and performance of the door and window, and its service life will be greatly reduced, which will affect the energy-saving effect of doors and windows.

2, temperature: high temperature and high humidity, the temperature rises to accelerate corrosion, the longer the wet time, the more serious the corrosion.

3. Humidity: Since the moisture in the air is condensed into a liquid water film, it is a necessary condition for the formation of a corroded primary battery. When the humidity reaches a certain critical value, a water film is formed on the surface, and the corrosion rate is intensified.

4. Atmospheric quality: Under normal circumstances, only oxygen in the air will cause corrosion to the metal. However, with the development of industrialization in the world, harmful gases and dust in the air are also greatly increased, such as carbon dioxide produced by combustion of coal and gasoline, sulfur dioxide, etc.

Second, maintenance skills:

1, it is necessary to pay attention to the direction of the handle rotation, avoid using dead force. In particular, teach children not to hang on the door handle, which is both dangerous and dangerous to the inner door.

Door and window hardware

2. When the lock cylinder is not sensitive, scrape a small amount of black powder from the pencil lead and gently blow it into the lock hole. This is because the graphite component in between is a good solid lubricant. Never let in the lubricant, as this will make it easier to stick to the dust.

3, stainless steel handle, Glass Door Lock and stainless steel "hardware" can be scrubbed with brightener to increase the brightness.

4. Moving parts such as hinges, hanging wheels and casters may be degraded due to the adhesion of dust during long-term movement. One or two drops of lubricant can be kept smooth every six months.

The above is related to the precautions and maintenance techniques for installing door and window hardware. I hope that the above content can help everyone. If you want to know more details, you can click on the link in the text and welcome everyone to visit and purchase.