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Installation Method of Glass Door Ground Lock

Nov. 22, 2023

The widespread use of glass doors is obvious to all. Its widespread use is not accidental at all. On the contrary, it is inevitable. Therefore, more and more people use glass doors inconsistently. So how do you lock a glass door? In fact, savvy merchants have already launched glass door floor locks, so how to install glass door floor locks? Check it out with the Beveled Glass Door Fitting Manufacturer!

1. Use a U-shaped bracket to place a magnetic lock on a frameless glass door: glass doors without a frame must-have accessories to help with the placement. The resettlement method is basically similar to the appearance of an ordinary door. The only difference is the time difference in the third step of setting up the iron plate. Put a U-shaped groove with a rubber cushion and a stainless steel gasket (on the side of the lock screw) on the glass door, and lock the glass door with the headless hex screw. Slot. To deal with different glass door thicknesses and different types of electromagnetic locks, we provide different types of placement parts: UBG brackets.

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2. Use the AB frame for installation and installation. First, fix the AB frame with glass special glue (or double-sided tape) on the glass door, and then fix the iron plate on the bracket to complete the installation.

a. The glass floor lock is fixed on the glass door, not the ground.

b. Dig a lock hole at the bottom of the glass door (generally, frameless glass doors are tempered, so pre-opening holes should be made before tempering). The corresponding floor should be punched. When locking, the tongue of the ground lock can Reaching into the hole in the ground, the glass door was locked.

(1). Select the installation location. It is recommended that the parking lock be installed in the middle position (or 1/3 of the entrance) of about 1.5M at the entrance of the parking space, and the flat concrete floor is the best.

(2). Docking and fixing the battery plug to the controller plug, press the remote control's button to make the parking lock do 2-3 up and down actions

(3). It only needs an electric drill to press the bottom buckle, punch four 8mm or 10mm holes, and then install expansion screws to fix the bottom, and then buckle the main body.

(4). Before use, insert the plug corresponding to the color of the lead of the battery board to the battery, lay the battery flat, and then insert the plug into the parking lock socket, and arrange the wires;

(5). If it is a remote control parking lock, test the remote control effect to ensure that its swing arm can lift normally.

Glass doors are mainly used in businesses, but they are also used in home life. Its excellent quality is obvious to all. For businesses, the glass floor lock is very important. It can effectively protect your property. More importantly, its installation is also very simple and effective.

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