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Type of Glass Door

Nov. 22, 2023

Glassdoor is a special kind of door leaf. Its thickness is not enough to say that it is a solid door, but it is not a special-shaped door. The characteristics of the glass door are determined by the characteristics of the glass itself. The glass door made of transparent tempered glass is very strong and has a good light transmission. When the frosted glass is used, it has a semi-light transmission function. Fittings For Tempered Glass Manufacturer shares with you.

I. Decorative glass doors include frosted glass, embossed glass, cut glass, glazed glass, sprayed glass, iced glass, emulsified glass, and other types, mainly due to different patterns. The colors are different, the gloss effect is good, and the decoration effect is excellent. At the same time, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, and erosion resistance.

2. Safety glass doors include tempered glass, bullet-proof glass, wire glass, and laminated glass. Good lighting, easy to clean, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, not scattered after fragmentation, not easy to hurt people. And has certain anti-robbing, anti-theft, fire prevention effects.

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3. The energy-saving glass door uses a special process and coloring for the glass to make it effectively absorb the solar radiation heat and achieve energy-saving effects. Secondly, it absorbs ultraviolet and visible light to achieve the purpose of preventing the influence of ultraviolet rays on the room and softening the light.

4. Coated glass door The coated glass has a one-way penetration function of the line of sight (the line of sight can only be viewed from the coated side to the uncoated side). At the same time, the indoor space and vision can be enlarged, and the thermal insulation and sound insulation effects are good. It can be used in the walls, pillars, corridors, etc. of building entrance halls, and is also widely used in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals and office buildings.

5. The induction glass door The glass induction door is literally the functional integration of the glass door and the induction door. Using induction glass doors can save air-conditioning energy, reduce noise, wind, and dust, and make our entrances look dignified and high-end. Glass induction doors are widely used, suitable for hotels, hotels, banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, and other places. The glass induction door is divided into a translation glass induction door, a 90-degree flat glass induction door, and a curved glass induction door. According to the style of the door body, it can be divided into aluminum profiled glass induction door, stainless steel framed glass induction door, and frameless all-glass induction door. It can be divided into microwave induction glass door, hand induction glass door, infrared induction glass door, foot induction glass door and so on.

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