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Factors Affecting The Quality Of Zinc Alloy Shower Room Glass Fitting

Nov. 22, 2023

The five pieces of the bathroom include Zinc Alloy Shower Room Glass Fitting, showers, faucets, hardware pendants, toilet water parts, angle valves, etc. International brands such as Kohler, TOTO, and American Standard have relatively complete technical level. Although domestic hardware production has certain development, the overall level is uneven, and small enterprise hand workshops are mostly. The inferior product technology and production technology often lead to low quality of parts, which affects the quality of the whole product. The product has a short service life.

Since the five pieces belong only to the 90 Degree Glass Fittings products, they are presented in the form of supporting products in the terminal sales, and they are only a component in the bathroom products. Many consumers pay less attention to the purchase, which makes it The premise that merchants can use.

Almost all of the domestic sanitary wares of all the sanitary wares are purchased externally. However, when consumers consult and purchase such products, the manufacturers will introduce them to the company's own production. A domestic brand bathroom production staff revealed that "there are five pieces on the bathroom. It is difficult for laymen to judge the quality from the appearance. There is no significant difference in the trial process. Enterprises often purchase parts from the perspective of controlling costs. Brand accessories are too expensive and are generally not considered."

As far as the current market conditions are concerned, the local brand sanitary wares are still relatively high in cost performance, and can fully meet the needs of current consumers in terms of functions, and even have more innovations in appearance than international big brands. Special reminders that consumers should pay more attention to the details after choosing the bathroom products that suit their home decoration style. For example, whether the water design of the toilet bowl is reasonable, what kind of material is the faucet, what brand, for the accessories or A reliable brand is better.

Zinc Alloy Shower Room Glass Fitting