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The suggestions on floor spring selection

Nov. 22, 2023

1. Selection of differernt models of floor spring is mainly based on glass door weight.

2. Calculation of glass weight: according to national standard, common and toughened glass of 1mm thick is 2.5 kg per square meter. For 2.3m(H) x 1 m (W) and 12mm thick glass,the weight shall be 2.3*1*12*2.5=69KG.

3. The weight of the entire door can be got by adding up the weight of all accessories and the wegith of glass.

4. If heavy-duty floor spring is chosen for a light-weight glass door, the cost will increase, and you cannot abotain good opening effect because it is heavy-duty.

5. For outside door, taking wind power into consideration, twin-cylinder floor spring should be chosedn regardless of door sizes. Because twin-cylinder floor spring is better than single-sylinder floor spring for the 0'position and 90 position.

6. in cold area, floor spring with anti-icing hydraulic oil injected should be chosen, so as to prevent malfunction of floor spring at a very low temperature.