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How To Choose Square Shower Door Glass Bracket?

Nov. 22, 2023

Poor quality shower rooms can easily lead to health problems during use. For example, the shower room brand with poor moisture resistance is easy to make the product moldy and breed bacteria; the unqualified shower cabinet uses an excessive amount of formaldehyde in the external surface, which directly harms human health. In addition, many items in the bathroom are close-fitting items, and more attention needs to be paid, otherwise it is easy to affect the health of the family. Therefore, it is especially necessary to purchase healthy and environmentally friendly shower room accessories.


The shower room is a place with more water and damp. If the waterproof function is not good, the shower room will soon be "dying down". Therefore, the waterproof function is an element when selecting shower room accessories. Choose a shower room made of materials with better moisture resistance, such as choosing a good PVC waterproof strip.

A look at the package

The three sanitary wares in the bathroom occupy the position of the bathroom, so the sanitary ware can not be matched with the Square Shower Door Glass Bracket, but the hardware accessories and the sanitary ware should be matched. When purchasing bathroom hardware accessories, be sure to consider whether these accessories match the purchased sanitary ware. Nowadays, there are all kinds of hardware accessories on the market. Consumers should pay attention to whether the color, material and model meet the overall decoration style of the bathroom. If you only care about your own, then it is very likely that the selected accessories are placed in the bathroom. It will look awkward.

Second look at the material

Nowadays, the materials of Tempered Shower Room Clip Fittings in the market are as follows: titanium alloy, copper chrome, stainless steel chrome plating, aluminum alloy chrome plating, iron chrome plating and plastic, etc. The quality of titanium alloy hardware parts in these materials, the quality of plastic products is poor. , pure copper chrome-plated products can prevent oxidation, rarely fade; stainless steel chrome is cheap, but the use time is relatively short. Although hardware accessories are small things, consumers should pay attention to the choice of quality products, otherwise the accessories should be replaced every time.

Three look at the coating

Coating treatment is critical for hardware pendants, which are related to product life, finish, and wear resistance. A good coating is black and shiny, with a moisturizing feel, while a poor quality coating is dim. The good coating is very flat, and the inferior coating looks carefully and the surface has undulating undulations. In addition, the surface has depressions and scratches, which are definitely inferior products.

Square Shower Door Glass Bracket