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Purchase and Installation of Door Closers

Nov. 22, 2023

The core of the design concept of the door closer is to realize the control of the door closing process, so that the various functional indicators of the door closing process can be adjusted according to human needs. The significance of the door closer is not only to close the door automatically, but also to protect the door frame and door body. More importantly, the door closer has become an important part of the intelligent management of modern buildings.

First, purchase

1. Check whether the product logo is complete. The formal product logo is often more standardized. The manufacturer's name, address, telephone and other information should be clearly indicated. Do not purchase the "three no" products.

2. Door control hardware products (floor springs, door closers) all have requirements for door weight. For different weight doors, choose different types of door control hardware products (floor springs, door closers), depending on the actual use. Choose the appropriate type of door control hardware products (floor springs, door closers). If you choose a model with a door weight that is lighter than the actual door weight, the door opening and closing torque will be too small; if you choose a model with a door weight heavier than the actual door weight, the door opening and closing torque will be too large actual use.

3. Regular manufacturers will clearly indicate the dimensions of floor springs and door closers, and give reference information such as door leaf dimensions. The product instruction manual will provide confidence in opening angle and speed adjustment valve. It should be clearly understood before purchase and should be based on actual use. Choose the appropriate model.

4. At the time of purchase, pay attention to the appearance of the product. The product panel should be flat and smooth, and the writing and patterns should be complete and clear. The surface of the buried underground must have a rust-proof protective layer, and no bottom should be exposed.

Soft Door Closers

Second, installation

1. Buy back floor spring and door closer products, you should carefully check the installation instructions, install according to the instructions, and pay attention to whether the purchased model is suitable for the weight of the installed door.

2. The door opening direction should be selected correctly, and the holes should be drilled according to the standard installation dimensions. During the installation, pay attention to fix the screws and nuts after the position is determined, otherwise it will cause shaking.

3. After installation, you should try to open and close the door to see if there is any jamming. If there is any jamming, you must make adjustments. If it cannot be solved, you should notify the manufacturer for help if necessary.

4. During use, care should be taken for maintenance and cleaning, and if there is oil leakage, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

The above information is provided by mirror stainless steel floor spring factory.