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Points To Note In The Shower Room 2

Nov. 22, 2023

When choosing a bathroom room, safety must be considered first, followed by appearance and function. Fittings For Tempered Glass Supplier shares with you.

4. Keep your handles safe

The handle of the shower room is best not to be too obtrusive, especially if there are elderly people and children at home. It's easy to get hurt when you hit an angular handle in the shower. So it is best to choose a smooth appearance, easy and convenient when switching.

Safe use is the most important. It is recommended to choose a product with a round and beautiful handle shape to avoid injury.

5. Sealing strip shall be tight

The water vapor in the shower room is heavy, the temperature is high, and the rubber strip made of polymer is easy to age. Generally, it needs to be replaced every one or two years. The sealing strip of a high-quality shower room should not have a breakpoint at the hinge, and the sealing strip between the glass doors must be magnetic to achieve better sealing performance.

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6. Shower room door should be comfortable

Sliding doors do not take up space and are more suitable for families with small bathrooms, but the slide rails are easy to accumulate or fall into hard objects, which is difficult to clean. The swing door is suitable for large-sized bathrooms. It is convenient and easy to switch on and off.

7. Waterproof

Above all the most important is waterproof, the waterproof of toilet is one of the most important concealed works. The shower is waterproof the priority among priorities inside the toilet. The shower is waterproof to want to achieve at least 1 meter 8 height, had better be to do full wall, just in case.

8. Drain

There are two approaches to shower drainage. One kind is more general shop ceramic tile, the main thing is ceramic tile whole wants to make a slope to the direction of the floor drain, the bricklayer of this general shop ceramic tile has experience. Floor drain location is also a top priority, must be placed in the lowest point, can quickly drain clean water.

9. Daily maintenance of shower room

When using the shower room, do not force the shower room glass. Check the shower room frequently and replace the aging accessories regularly. If you find a problem, you must repair it in time.

When cleaning the shower room, choose a soft, dry cloth. If there is slight dirt, clean it with a soft cloth or sponge moistened with a neutral detergent. When removing stubborn dirt, remove it with alcohol, and you can easily solve the dirt in the bathroom room.

Do not use the following items for cleaning: acidic, alkaline solvents, drugs (such as hydrochloric acid), acetone diluent and other solvents, detergent, etc., otherwise it will have adverse effects on the human body and will cause some adverse conditions in the product.

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