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Do you know the importance of waterproof sealing strips in shower rooms?

Nov. 22, 2023

The main role of the rubber strip is to prevent water from penetrating into the space outside the shower room during bathing, to keep the bathroom dry, and to achieve the wet and dry partition function is an important part of the shower room. Beveled Glass Door Fitting Supplier shares with you.

The effect of different installation of the shower room seal is different.

For example, when used at the joint of stone base and glass, the rubber strip has excellent tensile and compressive properties, which can ensure the perfect combination of glass wall and stone base surface, and achieve waterproof without glass glue. Makeup glue or make beautiful seams.

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The small shower room designed at the dislocation of the sliding door and the rubber strip is installed at the overlap of the sliding door, which can effectively prevent the water in the gap of dislocation.

For side sliding doors, rubber strips should be installed at the joints between the door and the glass wall to prevent water from flowing out of the joints of the door slits when the door is opened and closed. However, this door opening design has a great test on the quality of the rubber strips. After the switch is folded for a long time, the rubber strip will crack at the joint. If this happens, it should be replaced directly.

On the market, the shower room of some manufacturers is not perfect in the design of the seam treatment. If glass glue is not used, water leakage will occur. Some shower room side doors use spring hinges designed by the manufacturer. Top-down is not a whole, and water leaks at the hinges.

By comparing the products of different manufacturers, the door seal magnetic strips and sealing strips used in low-grade shower rooms have poor quality technology, poor air permeability, many impurities, easy aging and fracture, and relatively short service life.

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