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How to Do If the Bathroom Glass Door Is Difficult to Clean?

Nov. 22, 2023

Glass doors are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Some people use floor-to-ceiling windows in the balcony of their homes or glass doors in their bathrooms. However, the cleaning of the glass door has become a major problem. Once it is not cleaned in place, it is easy to produce dirt and various bacteria. Over time, the glass door can be blurred or even wiped off. So let Fittings For Tempered Glass Supplier give you a few tricks to solve the dirt problem of the bathroom glass door!

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1.Special cleaner

If the yellow scale is attached to the glass door, you can spray it with a special cleaner, and then gently wipe it with a dry cotton cloth, so that the dirt on the edge of the door can be easily removed! However, it should be noted that the cleaning agent contains a lot of chemical components, so it is corrosive. If there are hardware pendants on the glass door, it is best to avoid contact with the cleaning agent.

2. Homemade detergent

The second kind of situation is those long-standing "old stubborn". After years of accumulation, the dirt has become more and more difficult to remove. To deal with this situation, you need to use a killer-homemade cleaner. The specific method is Mixing salt and vinegar and scrubbing the glass door with the final mixture is simple and easy, and the result is absolutely great!

3. Glass scraper

If you usually clean the glass door of the bathroom, you can consider buying a glass scraper at the supermarket. It is not only convenient but also durable.


The toothpaste used for brushing your teeth every day can also effectively clean the glass door dirt. However, in accordance with the principle of waste utilization, you can cut it with scissors at the tailpipe after using up the toothpaste, and use the remaining toothpaste to apply to the glass door. Then use a cotton cloth to wash, it is recommended to use warm water to wash, it is more conducive to washing away dirt.

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