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How To Adjust The Glass Door Clamp?

Nov. 22, 2023

Find here details of Curved Type Shower Door Glass Clip on our website. Today we would like to talk about how to adjust the glass door clamp.

Curved Type Shower Door Glass Clip

Curved Type Shower Door Glass Clip

When opening the door, scrape the two open glass doors and shift them? Is it a clip or a clip? Whether to adjust the hexagonal screw. How to adjust back to the appropriate angle? As a professional 304 Stainless Steel Glass Clamp Factory, we like to tell you.

1. Positioning, paying off

The glass door is assembled by fixed glass and movable glass door leaf, and the positioning of the wire is unified. According to the design and construction drawing requirements, the positioning line of the glass door is released, and the position of the door frame is determined.

2. Limiting groove at the top of the mounting frame The width of the limiting slot should be greater than the thickness of the glass by two to four millimeters and the depth of the groove is ten to twenty millimeters. During the installation, the two metal decorative board edges are drawn from the bottom line, and then the edge of the door frame is installed by the edge line, and the groove depth in the notch is adjusted by the glue pad.

3. The wooden bottom of the metal veneer is fixed on the ground, and the metal veneer is glued to the wood with the universal glue. If an aluminum alloy square tube is used,

It can be fixed to the frame column with aluminum angles or fixed with wooden screws on the wooden bricks buried in the ground.

4. Install the vertical door frame to connect the center line of the bullet to the door frame, then use the plywood to determine the shape and position of the door frame column, and finally wrap the metal decorative surface. When facing the veneer, place the head-to-head seam position on the side door of the mounting glass.

5. Install the glass. Use a glass suction cup machine to suck the thick glass and lift the thick glass plate to the installation position. First insert the upper part of the glass into the limit groove at the top of the door frame, and then put the lower part of the glass on the bottom support.

6. Fix the glass on the bottom of the wooden block. Two small square wooden strips are placed on the middle door. The universal glue is applied on the square wooden strip and the decorative metal is glued on the square wooden strip.

7. Note that the glass seal is placed on both sides of the top limit groove and the bottom bracket, and the gap between the thick glass and the frame column, and the glass seal is injected, and the excess glass glue is scraped off with a tool.

8. When the fixed part of the glass butt glass door needs to be spliced due to its oversize, the seam should have a width of two to three millimeters, and the edge of the glass plate should be chamfered.

9. Placement springs Before installing the door leaf, the grounding spring and the positioning pin on the top surface of the door frame should be installed and must be coaxial. It is best to check the vertical line with the hanging vertical line to ensure that they are on the same line.

10. Install the upper and lower door clamps to install the upper and lower metal door clips on the upper and lower ends of the glass door. If the height of the door is not enough, the wooden plywood can be placed at the bottom of the glass in the lower door clamp.

11. After fixing the door height of the fixed glass door, insert the small wooden strip into the gap between the glass and the upper and lower door clips, and inject the glass glue into the gap.

12. Install the door leaf First, adjust the positioning pin to the plane of the beam by two millimeters, and erect the office glass door leaf. The hole of the rotating pin connector in the lower door clamp of the door leaf is aligned with the rotation pin of the spring. The door leaf sleeves the hole into the pin shaft, rotates the door fan at right angles to the door frame beam, aligns the rotating connector hole in the door leaf upper door clip with the positioning pin on the door frame beam, adjusts the adjusting pin of the positioning pin, and inserts the positioning pin into the hole. Inside.

13. Before installing and installing the handle, apply a little glass glue to the part where the handle is inserted into the glass. When the handle is assembled, the root and the glass are close together, then press the fixing screw to ensure that the handle is not loose.

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