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Frameless Glass Door Accessories And Glass Door Installation Precautions

Nov. 22, 2023

1. Floor spring. Floor spring is specially used for the glass door hydraulic door closers, it is not the use of gear rack, but the use of worm wheel pressure spring. The worm wheel can rotate in both directions, so the floor spring allows the glass door to open in both directions. The key to the floor spring is to be able to withstand the weight of the glass door, avoid the glass door bottom, but not to the glass door caused by extrusion.

2. Door Clamp. No matter have door of frame vitreous door or without frame vitreous door, because the characteristic that vitreous material pledges itself, cannot rely on hinge to join door frame completely like ordinary door product so, however with Zinc Alloy Curved Glass Clamp that passes different specification, fix vitreous door from fluctuation two directions. This is not only to keep the glass door track, but also to protect the glass door.

3. Door Hinge. Any door product needs to use Polished Glass Door Hinge, it is the key hardware fitting that joins door leaf and door frame, without it, door products cannot use normally. However, the hinge used by various doors is different for the characteristics of different door products. For example, doors usually use bearing hinges, which are larger in size and can withstand heavy doors. And the glass door needs to use a special glass door hinge.

4.  Door lock. The door lock of vitreous door and the door lock of other door are different also, the door lock of other door is to be united in wedlock with door handle normally for an organic whole, namely conclusion language space, very beautiful again. Glass doors, on the other hand, have separate locks and handles. Sometimes the door lock is used on the door handle for safety. All these are determined by the unique characteristics of the glass door. Our company sells Satin Double Glass Door Locks.

Polished Glass Door Hinge

Precautions for installation of glass door

1. Vitreous door fittings should choose the specification dimension that suits, cannot install possibly otherwise, even if be forced to install, also can cause the inconvenience that USES. For example, if the specification of the floor spring is selected, it cannot bear the weight of the glass door, so it will cause the glass door to fall to the ground, which will cause serious damage to the glass door, causing harm to personnel.

2. When installing vitreous door fittings, want to design installation according to vitreous door integral, for instance, a fluctuation door clip must maintain level position, otherwise vitreous door cannot install on. In order for the glass door to work properly, the installation Angle needs to be adjusted repeatedly.

3. Be careful when installing glass door fittings, especially those in contact with glass door, because if the force is too strong, it will crush the glass door, so install glass door fittings to be lighter.

4. Without frame vitreous door needs to have fittings to assist installation, can use the tool such as machine of U groove, AB, glass suction cup, will fix the door or other article, installation method and common door surface installation method are basically similar.

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