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Glass Door Accessories Common Problem Repair Tips2

Nov. 22, 2023

Today, the fittings for tempered glass factory will explain the basic knowledge of tempered glass door maintenance.

Matt Stainless Steel Floor Spring

Door maintenance:

After using the door leaf for a period of time, it may also have some big or small problems, sometimes it will feel very blunt, usually the spring has problems, so it is only necessary to replace a matt stainless steel floor spring with good bearing capacity. Sometimes it will make abnormal noise and the flexibility of the glass door will be reduced. Then find out the faulty part in time and replace it to ensure normal usability.

Accessories wear:

As long as you are careful, you can find that there are some small accessories on the glass door. These accessories will wear out during long-term use, and will cause certain functional failures after long-term wear. When the glass door breaks down, we should first check whether the accessories are worn out. If they are worn out, we should replace them. It is quite simple to replace them.

Stuck problem:

After the inspection, if there is no problem with the glass door, but only stuck, it should consider whether something fell into the door. The foreign objects in the glass door can be cleaned out. When repairing, check the parts of the glass door and see the damaged parts. You do not need to replace the new parts.