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How To Install The Glass Bathroom Door Handle?

Nov. 22, 2023

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Glass Patch Fittings

Glass Patch Fittings

Glass is not only transparent, but also high in strength and hardness. It is an indispensable material in daily production and life. There are many types of glass, in addition to the more common float glass and tempered glass, there are special properties such as hot-melt glass, laminated glass and frosted glass. I want to know how to install the glass door handle, and how to install the home tempered glass. Toughened Glass Door Handle Manufacturer would like to share with you the following points.

1. During installation, some auxiliary tools, such as commonly used screwdrivers, should be used. It should be noted that do not use too much force to avoid the situation that the auxiliary tools will break the glass door.

2. There are many types of glass door handles. Under normal circumstances, the glass door will specifically leave the corresponding slot for the installation of the handle, so we have to choose the appropriate handle.

3. Glass door relative to other doors, such as wooden doors, is actually slightly fragile, therefore, when we choose the glass door handle, we should try to choose the door handle that is easier to install, and it is not easy to damage the glass door.

4. Under normal circumstances, most of the handles can be disassembled. We first disassemble, pass the handle through the slot, fix it with the aid of an auxiliary tool, and then install the handle.

5. At the time of purchase, you need to know the type of handle you want to buy, in the installation, the action is relaxed to prevent damage caused by mistakes.

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