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How To Install Frameless Sliding Toughened Glass Door Lock?

Nov. 22, 2023

The installation method of the Frameless Sliding Toughened Glass Door Lock is as follows:

1. Use the U-bracket to mount the magnetic lock on the frameless glass door:

Glass doors without frames require accessories to aid installation. The installation method is basically the same as the surface mounting method of the ordinary door. It is only different when installing the iron plate in the third step. Put the U-shaped groove together with the rubber cushion and the stainless steel gasket (on one side of the locking screw) in the glass. On the door, lock the Glass Door Lock Patch Fittings with a headless hexagon socket screw, and then fix the secondary iron plate on the U-shaped groove. For different glass door thicknesses and different types of electromagnetic locks,

2, using the AB frame to install First, the AB frame is fixed on the glass door with glass special glue (or double-sided tape), and then the iron plate is fixed on the bracket.

Frameless Sliding Toughened Glass Door Lock