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The Reason Causes the Door Window to Close Not Strictly

Nov. 22, 2023

In our daily life, doors and windows often encounter some problems, let us discuss how to solve these problems. 304 stainless steel glass clamp factory shares with you.

If there is a blocking phenomenon when opening and closing doors and windows, the switch requires a lot of effort, the frame lap width is small, and the surrounding gap is uneven, which is generally caused by the following factors:

(1) The door or window frame or fan is deformed, and the sealing strip is loose and falling off.

(2) Hardware accessories are damaged.

(3) The installation quality is poor, and the allowable deviation is too much, but it has not been adjusted in time.

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(1) The installation of doors and windows should comply with the installation process, and the installation quality of each process should be checked and adjusted at any time.

(2) Both the window frame and the window hole must be marked with a centerline. When the window frame is installed in the hole, the centerline should be aligned. The frame corners should be temporarily fixed. Carefully adjust the verticality, horizontality, and straight angle of the window frame.

(3) Before entering the frame, the doors and windows should check the diagonal and flatness deviation. After entering the frame, use a steel ruler and feeler gauge to check the overlap width and peripheral gaps of the frame fan until they meet the requirements.

(4) Install the hardware parts correctly and replace them if they are damaged.

(5) Do a good job in product protection and normal use and maintenance to prevent external impacts, and do not hang heavy objects, which may cause deformation of doors and windows. It should be opened and closed gently to prolong its service life.

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