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Door Control Hardware Tips

Nov. 22, 2023

Glassdoor hardware is a very important type of daily metal products in people's daily life. It mainly has floor springs and door closers. It is generally used in shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings, exhibition halls and other public places with frequent entry and exit. It's main The function is to ensure that the door remains normally open after being opened or can be closed to the initial position in time and accurately. Generally, the door closer has an automatic closing function to ensure that the door can be automatically closed after being opened. The general condition of the floor spring is that it cannot be automatically closed after it is fully opened, and it can be automatically closed when it is not fully opened.

Floor Springs

The most critical quality problem of the door closer is oil leakage because the door closed completely relies on its internal hydraulic system to control the door closing process. Oil leakage means the failure of the hydraulic system, so the hydraulic system is the only one that determines the service life of the door closer standard. The main reason for oil leakage is that the bearing transmission device has gaps due to wear, which reduces its sealing effect. Therefore, the material, heat treatment and machining quality and precision of the bearing transmission device are the keys to the problem. In fact, the quality of the door and window hardware and all construction hardware is related to the basic industrial level of the production place. The shell of the door closer is made of cast aluminium and cast iron. The size, number and post-processing of the rough hole of the shell are also one of the key factors affecting the quality of the door closer.

The basic configuration of the floor spring is the sky axis and the earth axis (or ground foot). The sky shaft is an accessory that connects the door frame and the door leaf in the upper part and is composed of a bolt-type shaft fixed on the door leaf that can be adjusted by bolts and a shaft sleeve fixed on the door leaf. The sky axis can be applied to almost all wooden, steel, aluminium alloy doors and borderless glass doors using glass door clips.

The installation accuracy of the floor spring greatly affects its service life. Because the end of the service life of the floor spring is oil leakage, if the axis connection between the sky shaft and the ground spring main shaft is not strictly vertical to the ground, the movement of the door leaf will bring great torque to the ground spring, increasing the main shaft and the bearing Abrasion eventually leads to oil leakage.

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