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Classification And Main Functions Of Floor Springs

Nov. 22, 2023

Floor spring most probably everyone is seen in our daily life, is not strange, it is one of the essences of modern doors and Windows decoration hardware fittings, so choose a good quality spring, on the one hand, not only let the doors and Windows have a quality assurance, at the same time also can prolong the service life of doors and Windows, nowadays market floor spring brand many kinds, so we know that there are several kinds of floor spring? What is the main function of a floor spring? The following fittings for tempered glass manufacturers introduce you.


1. luxury aesthetic and economic aesthetic: the two types of external size is almost the same, the applicable Angle of the door, some characteristics are similar. But there are many differences in nature. Luxury beautiful type fan bearing force is larger, the economic beautiful type is applicable to a section of speed adjustment, and luxury beautiful type is applicable to two sections of speed adjustment.

2. Super heavy and novel lightweight: super heavy ground spring is larger than others in appearance, the bearing capacity of the door is 230 ~ 300kg, the applicable Angle of the door is 1200mm-1500mm. This is in contrast to the new lightweight ground spring. Novel lightweight floor spring compact shape, door bearing capacity is the only 50kg. The Angle of the door is 800-900mm. However, the characteristics of the two types of floor spring are the same, both are arm two-way open type, 90° stop device, two-stage speed adjustment.

3. Fireproof type and waterproof tide type: the action range of these two kinds of ground spring is similar, one fireproof, one moistureproof. Fireproof floor spring is longer than waterproof floor spring, but smaller in width and height than waterproof floor spring. Indoor fan bearing size respect, fireproof ground spring should be taller than waterproof tide ground spring, the applicable width of door fan also wants big. Other features are the same.

Toughened Glass Door Handle

The main function:

1. Door opening buffer function: It mainly reflects the door opening resistance after about 70 degrees in the process of opening the door, so that the door opener has obvious hand feeling and pay attention to open the door to avoid damage to the related items on the back of the door.

2. Door closing delay function: it is mainly reflected in the door closing speed from 75 angles to about 75 degrees. It is mainly used to extend the door closing speed so that the disabled and the weak can slowly pass through the door. The specific setting can reasonably adjust the internal pause of the door delay time according to the use situation. Generally, it refers to 90 degrees internal positioning, and the door closing and opening function is realized by fixing the door leaf with the piston tooth position, which is generally used at the channel without any change On the door leaf of the switch, the external pause is generally realized by the armed group, and the guide arm and the special stop arm can be adjusted and positioned everywhere.

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