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What Are The Advantages Of Process Beveled Glass Door Fitting?

Nov. 22, 2023

(1) Cold rolling can improve the mechanical properties of Beveled Glass Door Fitting. Since the cold heading is carried out under normal temperature conditions, the tensile strength of the workpiece after cold rolling is greatly improved compared to the cutting process. This is because the metal fibers of the cold-processed product are not cut, the internal structure of the metal is compacted, and the work hardening phenomenon is accompanied, so that the mechanical properties of the metal are improved.

(2) The cold heading process can improve the material utilization rate. In addition to the loss of the material tail, the material is completely used for workpiece processing. The material yield during cutting is less than half, resulting in a waste of cost.

(3) The cold heading process can greatly increase productivity. For example, the cold head nut and the cutting nut process eliminate the need for programming, clamping, and replacement processes, and the productivity is increased by several tens of times.

(4) Since the multi-station cold heading machine is used to realize the simultaneous processing of each process on one machine tool, the equipment investment and the production space occupied by the equipment are reduced, and the transportation of the semi-products in each process is reduced. In particular, it has reduced the labor intensity of workers and improved working conditions.

(5) The cold heading process can improve the surface finish of the workpiece and ensure Satin Glass Clamp Stainless Steel accuracy. When the nut is machined using a cold heading machine, the precision of the bolts, nuts, etc. can be guaranteed for a large number of production bolts and nuts due to the uniformity of the raw materials and the mold.

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