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Advantages of glass railings 2

Apr. 22, 2020

Fittings for tempered glass manufacturer shares with you.

6. Long-lasting and robust

Unlike other materials such as wood, glass is not subject to any pests such as wood insects. Its composition also does not change due to moisture or drying. Nothing can damage the soundness of the glass - avoid striking with sharp objects. This means that as a material, it is the most durable of all applications, including railings.

7. Solid as well as safe

A thin layer of glass is fragile. But by combining layers with heat, you start to create very solid materials. Add a thin layer of plastic (or laminate) and you'll get a toughened product that, if damaged, won't break into thousands of tiny sharp pieces. Instead, it will crack or shatter, but it will stay where it was and then it can be replaced.

Beveled Glass Door Fitting

8. Easy to install

Glass railings are not difficult to design or use. In fact, creating railings is relatively simple. If you choose to hang the glass filler on the column, you need to place it on the column at a predetermined interval. For a frameless system, the panel is cantilevered from its base fixture, which you create without realizing.

9. environmental protection

Glass pane fillers on railings that are chemically inert and 100% recyclable can be fully recycled when they need to be replaced.

10. Modern appearance

The glass railings are fascinating, fresh and modern. Including those of us who love the traditional style! It has universal appeal and is the ideal material for interior designers.

In terms of design, it is this kind of material that adds pleasant contrast, for example, it reflects the modern sense in the simple design space. Or it can be a cohesive material between all the modern elements in the room, thus promoting the simplicity of the design.

It can refine or minimize the design and function as much as you like, but it is undeniable that glass railings are indispensable modern decoration for families and enterprises. Our company provides a beveled glass door fitting.