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6 Big Attentions About The Installation Of Bathroom Clips

Oct. 12, 2019

Find here details of Glass Clamp on our website. Today we would like to talk about6 big attentions to the installation of bathroom clips.

The installation of the bathroom clip is exquisite, with six main points of attention:

Glass Clamp

Glass Clamp

(1) Before installing the bathroom clamp, check whether the bathroom clamp and the door frame match. When purchasing the bathroom clip, you should purchase the bathroom clip that matches the door.

(2) Check whether the height, width and thickness of the actual slot and the bathroom clip match. This requires strict requirements on the height, width and thickness of the bathroom clip when purchasing the bathroom clip.

(3) The installation of the bathroom clamp should check whether the screws and fasteners connected to the bathroom clamp are matched. In addition to the strict requirements for the bathroom clips, there are also strict requirements for the accessories that are attached to the bathroom clips, so that the bathroom clips can be installed well.

(4) When installing the bathroom clamp, ensure that the shaft of the clamp on the same surface is on the same vertical line to avoid the door being warped.

(5) If the installed glass door is large in size, it is recommended to install a bathroom clip on the top to prevent the upper corner of the glass door from sliding off.

(6) Finally, the choice of bathroom clip gasket is very important. The quality gasket can absorb the glass well and prevent the glass door from loosening and sliding.

As a 304 Stainless Steel Glass Clamp Manufacturer, we know a bathroom clip can more effectively prevent the upper corner of the glass door from sliding and shifting.

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