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How To Clean The Newly Bought 180 Degree Shower Door Seal Strip?

Nov. 22, 2023

General 180 Degree Shower Door Seal Strip and plastic rubber products will increase with the increase of the use time, and will gradually appear discoloration, hard and brittle aging phenomenon, this problem will appear more normal phenomenon for a long time. If we first use the phenomenon of sticking, it may be improper operation, or you can put some warm water in the bottom cage drawer before use, which can also prevent the silicone rubber pad from sticking to the flour, or brush a layer of cooking oil.

The silicone rubber mat we just bought should be cleaned before use. Cleaning can be done with detergent or soap. These two methods also have a faster cleaning speed, but the detergent can not be used for a long time, otherwise the silicone rubber skin will be damaged or whitened. The best cleaning method is still to use soap and brush. These methods are more convenient and the soap chemical composition is more stable. Therefore, daily cleaning will not cause damage to the surface of the silicone. The silicone rubber pad will not stick to the flour. The cleaning method is simpler every day. If it is not too sticky, it can be cleaned by directly invading the bubble with warm water.

The Cold-Proof Shower Door Seal Strip can be yellowed with soap, or it can be removed with a soft cloth, then rinsed and cooled with warm water. We can also wipe with alcohol. These methods can effectively clean the yellow color of the silicone pad and are limited to the surface of the silicone rubber pad. Silicone pads are also available in many categories, each with a different purpose, such as a silicone kneading pad, which can only be used to make the face difficult to yellow. The silicone steaming cage pad is like this kind of mat. Inferior silica gel is easy to turn yellow. If you use a better quality mat to turn yellow, the color will be less, and the poor quality will become more serious and difficult to clean.

180 Degree Shower Door Seal Strip